Avoid IOT devices

IOT = Internet Of Things

IOT device is any “smart device” in your home or office. It can be a “smart TV”, security camera, smart fridge, Amazon echo or anything else that is “listening” to your commands.

Remember that convenience is opposite of security. Can’t have both.

Each of those devices is practically a server, which is compromising your home network (wifi or otherwise), and the moment one of your devices get compromised, your entire home network could be practically publicly available for outside access.

And we are solving for two different problems where:

  1. Security – to avoid your home network and devices to get compromised
  2. Privacy – to protect your privacy; almost all devices which “listen” for your voice commands are recording in the background, and sending that data back to the server farms, so that’s something to consider as well

Here’s a great clip to watch: