Tools I would recommend

Here is the list of apps/tools I couldn’t work without on a daily basis:

  • Ditto – amazing open-source clipboard manager – never lose that copy-pasted text or code you had in your memory
  • Greenshot – another open-source gem – screenshot tool with great customizability
  • Autohotkey – script & shortcut tool, extra flexible, allowing you to launch app and automate your work; oh, and it’s open source, too
  • VeraCryptencryption software, great for sending sensitive stuff online, or keeping your backups safe; I wrote about that earlier;
  • Double Commander – open source twin-panel file manager
  • Networxnetwork monitor that lives in your toolbar; it’s always nice to track not just your internet speed, but unexpected network activity or updates
  • LastPass – great password manager; random unique passwords for all of your websites – works great! I wrote about that too.
  • – lightweight, open source image editor; think GIMP, but super-lightweight, and built on Windows .NET platform;
  • O&O ShutUp10 – privacy settings for Windows10 users. A must-have;
  • WinDirStat – Analyze your disk usage

Am I missing some other amazing tools? Email me and and I’ll add it here.